By Dip
“Challenge” ©2010, 2011 Doc

Challenge is a very tricky mechanism through which we are motivated to take actions we typically would never take. Challenge takes us outside of our comfort zone and places us directly in the very situations that make us uncomfortable.

The attitude of a person who is presented with a challenge will determine what they make of that challenge. Some people when presented with a challenge will simply crumple under the pressure they put upon themselves while others rise to the occasion and excel under the same circumstances.

From the time we are born into this world we are constantly confronted with challenge, many of these are unavoidable. A person’s frame of mind and how they perceive what is happening to them will shape their own reality when confronted with challenge.

Many times when something that is happening to us appears to be the worst thing in the world that could possibly happen in time can reveal itself to be a turning point in our lives if used properly. Many times that one particular challenge was a defining moment in our lives that set us on a path we would have otherwise not taken. When we realize this we can look at challenge for what it really is; an opportunity.

The only true success we ever achieve is in direct proportion to the amount of challenges we accept in life. When we accept these challenges that confront us in life and we prevail we gain a bit more strength than we had before. With this strength comes confidence and motivation to try again.

How are you handling the challenges that confront you?

  1. CHAD says:

    I haven’t hurt the dude that poked my wife….yet. And I don’t plan to either. I sure would like to though.

  2. FLUKEman says:

    that was one hell of speech, loved it, i accept the challenges at hand and will move forth to prevail outstandingly……..


    I love to be challenged other wise I dont have fun.

  4. Jeff says:

    Nice David. I am challenged daily. But welcome it :)

  5. Dip says:

    I am blessed with good friends….

  6. David Richardson says:

    Nice Dip!