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An answered challenge

Posted: 18th November 2010 by Dip in DWH

…Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal, and somewhere in the middle of working on it realized you were actually getting something else done that was much more important? That is happening to me, this website, and to some of our contributors I think. …In our recent Veterans Day challenge I asked that [...]

Texas Motor Speedway

Posted: 14th November 2010 by Dip in DWH

Three words come to mind here, Boogity…. Boogity….Boogity! There is nothing like a day of NASCAR racing, with 150,000 of your closest friends. The sounds, the smells, and if you are in the cheap seats… picking the chunks Goodyear tire rubber out of your ears and nose. Oh yeah. This first picture is one of [...]