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The first DWH picture - Click to enlarge

The question some will look for on this page is obvious… Who is Dippy? Right? I’ll answer it in a round about way, but the important part is not who, but why.

In Carol Stream Illinois in 2008 a few guys who are known on HVAC Pro forums as Weber and Bender, found themselves posed with an odd and somewhat childish challenge from another member of the forum. The result of that challenge is the picture you see here (Click to enlarge). Goofy?  Yes, no doubt about it. But it started some wheels turning… You see, goofy or not, the guys accepted a challenge, then challenged a complete stranger… who accepted the challenge, which produced a result, which inspired more challenges!  Over time “Dippy Was Here” signs have been appearing on the internet from around the world, growing slowly into what you see today. The people are all different, the pictures and places are different, but the message is the same…. Accept challenges – challenge others. …. Oh yeah, one more thing, have some fun while you do it.

So who is Dippy? Just a guy that issued a challenge for the fun of it… and was inspired.

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