Christmas 2010

Posted: 26th December 2010 by Dip in DWH

Santa's contribution

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! For me it has been one of the best ever. We got buried in snow, so the family all stayed put together. Nowadays in the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t seem to be together all that much in one location. I’ll take it, it was great to see everyone so content and happy.

…..One of the new creative ways people are spreading the good noise about Dippy Was Here is in video games. BenderHVAC sent in the screen shot of the clan tag on his weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops.

I am playing the game myself on the Wii, it’s a blast. Its also a great way for friends to get together when they live far apart. Consider it bonding….. with bullets…..

DWH clan tag - Black Ops

Look me up on the Wii Black Ops network, my ally code is on my forum avatar. I’d really like to see someone use weapons to write “Dippy Was Here” on a wall or other surface in the game and send in a screen shot. Another cool thing would be to locate me in a real match and get a screen shot.  You can do this.


Find DIP and shoot at him

  1. Jeff says:

    Just where the hell are you ? Really……

  2. jeff says:

    Where are you ????.

  3. Jeff says:

    Look… I hear you are a cockweasel. I don’t believe it . But that’s the word on the street

  4. Jeff says:

    Merry Christmas 2011

  5. FLUKEman says:

    i tried to write DWH on the wall, by the time i got to the w the d was already gone, i will try again next time im on, shame you dont have xbox dip, me and bender are the DWH clan hahahaha…..