Posted: 27th November 2010 by Dip in DWH
Thanksgiving DWH Turkey

Kevins Turkey

Thanks to Kevin we don’t really ever run out of DWH images to post. This is rumored to be the first turkey he ever cooked. Not bad for a turkey rookie.

The challenge for this update is to remember the real reasons for the season. Take a look around you today and remind yourself what (or rather who) is really important to you. Make sure your loved ones understand how thankful you are for them.

kevin on tank

This is how Kevin rolls...

As always the side challenge is to send me some cool pictures. Be creative and get outside the comfort zone, challenge someone!

Thanks to everyone for making this crazy thing possible,


  1. Jeff says:

    Money says Kevin bought that bird

  2. Dip says:

    Now I am hungry….