An answered challenge

Posted: 18th November 2010 by Dip in DWH
Jeff gives $100 for Vets

Jeff and this nice lady make some Vets smile on Veterans Day - Click to enlarge

Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal, and somewhere in the middle of working on it realized you were actually getting something else done that was much more important? That is happening to me, this website, and to some of our contributors I think.

In our recent Veterans Day challenge I asked that you all get out that day and not leave any Vet unappreciated, to touch as many as you could. Jeff answered that challenge. Here are his words:

“I took the challenge. Vets day my son and I were off for the deer woods. Stopped the Cherokee Pass Restaurant had breakfast, paid and left a 100.00 bill with this waitress with instructions that all the vets that I could buy a coffee or breakfast for the money should eat /drink free. It’s a little thing but it still was the right thing to do. Cheers, Jeff”

Jeff, Thanks man. You are top notch, and thanks to all of you that answered that challenge in your own way. You are good people.

To say the least, this gives me ideas of the good we can do in the world while we do the goofy things we do.  I am also finding out that listening to you guys leads to good things, so give it some thought and send me your ideas of how we can touch peoples lives in a positive way, besides just making them smile.