Flukeman, and…. a bear…

Posted: 13th November 2010 by Dip in DWH
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Flukeman at work - click to enlarge

Our buddy Flukeman from Elk Township, NJ was nice enough to send in some priceless shots from the job-site and the golf course.

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Flukeman at play - click to enlarge

I can only assume he knew that there was a bear somethingeruther hung over his head. On the wall, in a building that is not finished yet… yeah… Maybe you all should hit the comment balloon and let him know what you think.

F-Man is known to have some tendencies, as you can see from his golf course picture where he demonstrates one of them.

…Keep it coming Count Flukeula, you may just have game after all. :D

  1. Dip says:

    I missed the pool cues….. thats just plain weird

  2. Bender says:

    Hell with the clock….if you look to the left of that picture there are
    freaking pool cues hanging there….lmao!!

  3. Dip says:

    and wtf is on that clock ?

    do they carry that stuff from job to job???