Work Zone

Posted: 6th November 2010 by Dip in DWH

Bustawrench boiler room I was browsing the internet last night and early this morning, and looky here what I found… a couple DWH pictures from the work place about 1000 miles from each other.  Click on them to see a bigger version. Thanks to our friend  Bustawrench for the find in the boiler room, and Crackertech for the supermarket rack control cabinet.crackertech - supermarket rack control cabinet

Both of these pictures can now be forever found in the gallery.  If anyone spots a DWH related image anywhere on the internet, please let us know! The search is never ending.

Keep it coming !

On another note… We got this information from one of our viewers today… “I tried to mulch the leaves in a DWH pattern, but I forgot what letter I was on when I spilled my beer. – Jay41″

Welp… that about says it all doesn’t it….?

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